Kulthorn Metal Products Company Limited
is the manufacturer of the forging, Heat Treatment metal parts.
Kulthorn Metal Products Company Limited (KMP) is started in March 2005, KMP was established to bring within the Kulthorn Group the capability and capacities to handle the major parts of forging and heat treating and machining, and for a wide range of industrial market which include automotive parts, RHVAC parts, agricultural engine components, mining, construction hardware, safety equipment and heavy duty haulage linkages. Kulthorn Metal Products in addition is charged with developing the opportunities into a quality manufacturing facility that meets the growth needs of customers both from within Thailand and globally.
Head Office/Factory Nature of Business
123 Soi Chalong Krung 31, Chalong Krung Road, Lam Pla Thio, Khet Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
Tel : +66(0)2739 6638-9,
+66(0)2326 0314-7
Fax : +66(0)2739 6643,
+66(0)2326 0318
Manufacturer of Forging, Heat Treatment metal parts
Issued Shares Shareholding by KKC
Ordinary 2,500,000 shares, Par Value at Bath 100/share 100% by Kulthorn Materials and Controls Co., Ltd