Company History

            Determined to offer high quality products under Kulthorn Kirby Company Limited, a joint investment began on 24 March 1980 among the shareholders of Simakulthon Group, James N Kirby Group from Australia, and OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturers Group, a domestic entity. Through the BOI investment promotion, the manufacturing and distribution of reciprocating compressors for refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioners using leading manufacturing technology from the US. We were the first manufacturer of such kind in Thailand.

             With steady business growth, the company was listed on the Stock Exchange Market of Thailand on 22 February 1991 and became a public company limited under the name, Kulthorn Kirby Public Company Limited, on 13 June 1994 with a registered capital of 500 million baht.

            Our company currently manufactures the compressor motors with our own technology, using an international standard management system which has been certified by reliable accreditation agencies. We have also received quality assurance on our safety standards from national institutions such as SASO from Saudi Arabia, Australian Standard, UL from the US, CE from Europe, CCC from China, and Q Mark from Thailand, etc.

            Today, Kulthorn Kirby Public Company Limited is recognized as a pioneer and the first compressor motor manufacturer with the highest capacity in Thailand. We are ready to be the leader in producing in the business of producing motor compressors in the world.

And its subsidiaries are as follows.

Kulthorn Premier Company Limited

is the manufacturer of the motor compressor and quality iron casting for motor compressor and automotive parts.

Kulthorn Kirby Foundry Company Limited

is the manufacturer of the quality iron casting for motor compressor and automotive parts.

Kulthorn Steel Company Limited

Kulthorn Steel Company Limited is the Steel Coil Center for the manufacturer of motor compressor, electrical motor, and other parts.

Kulthorn Materials and Controls Company Limited

is the manufacturer of the enameled copper wire and thermostat used in refrigerators.

Suzhou Kulthorn Magnet Wire Company Limited

is the manufacturer of the enameled copper wire.

Kulthorn Research and Development Company Limited

Kulthorn Research and Development Co.,Ltd was established on 16 January 2017 as a mechanism to provide technical expertise to support motor compressors and other related products.

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