Celebrating Kulthorn Kirby 40th Anniversary, we are proud to be the first motor compressor manufacturer in Thailand. Tremendous upcoming business opportunities are awaiting.

It was a very challenging 2021 for us to adjust our practices to the “new normal”.   The global pandemic of the COVID-19 plunged the world into the economic recession throughout every industry.  The continuing severe waves of the outbreak that we are facing have had significant impacts on our economic growth and caused the fluctuation our sales and productions of our Kulthorn Group. 

It will take some time before the COVID-19 will completely be diminished. Our workforce received the vaccine distribution throughout the Company. We closely monitor the percentile of vaccinated team members compared to the overall country, and we proud to say that our percentile number is higher than many other companies.  For those unfortunately contracted with the virus, we setup the field hospitals and quarantine units according to the Ministry of Public Health standards inside our facilities including Lat Krabang, Bang Nam Prew, and Kabinburi. 

Despite, signs of the economic rebound, the severity and disruption remains regarding the rising prices of raw materials worldwide including steel, copper, and aluminum.  The logistics and container shipping costs have surged to more than triple from the previous years.  The Company survives at its best to gradually raising the product prices. Thanks to the long-term business relationships with our OEM and aftermarket, our clients are well understanding this situation and continuing to support Kulthorn’s products.

Bristol products have been once again regained its original footprints including the U.S., European and Middle East markets.  All the tests have been approved by the customers for performance and reliability, and we should be at our capacity in the coming seasons. We continue to modernize our production facilities with the cutting-edge technologies, and we persist to employ more automations and robotic systems. 

Corresponding to the global climate concerns, our R&D has teamed up with a group of experts such the World Bank Group, Purdue University, USA, and National Science Technology Development Agency, Thailand to continue developing, enhancing and testing our new environmental friendly refrigerant for reciprocating compressors for both our own KK and Bristol brands.  Our niche markets of KK and Bristol reciprocating compressor are still unattainable by other manufacturers. We strongly conform with the requirements and regulations pertaining the energy efficiency and environmental impacts.

Nevertheless, the Company shall observe to conduct our business under good corporate governance principles, integrity and ethics.   We are absolutely committed to produce the high quality products to serve our customers while maintaining the lowest level of the environmental impacts, and promote anti-corruption with transparency activities.

On behalf of the board of directors, executives and employees, we would like to thank our shareholders, customers, business partners, financial institutes and all associates for the trust and confidence in the potential futures of the Company.  I would like to personally extend our thanks to the Executive Management and all of our team members who dedicate their continued supports and collaborations to forwardly drive our Kulthorn’s sustainable growth and performance.

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