Press Releases

18 Jun 2022
บริษัท กุลธรเคอร์บี้ จำกัด(มหาชน) จัดพิธีมอบทุนการศึกษาประจำปี 2565
18 May 2022
13 Jan 2022
ถอดรหัส กุลธรเคอร์บี้ โรงงานคอมเพรสเซอร์แห่งแรกของไทย กว่า 40 ปี
06 Dec 2021
บริษัท กุลธรเคอร์บี้ จำกัด (มหาชน)
26 Feb 2021
Congratulations to our new President/CEO
16 Sep 2020
WEEE hosted by EGAT and EEI
10 Sep 2020
Grand Opening Bristol Compressor
23 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020
21 Jun 2019
#Bristol continues to progress in their move of operations to Thailand.
27 May 2019
#KulthornKirby management were sad to learn about the passing of His Excellency General Prem Tinasulanond.
15 Feb 2019
Kulthorn proudly exported #MadeInThailand. KulthornCompressors to the global market with strong support from #DITP Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce.
15 Feb 2019
Khun Suraporn #Simakulthorn, #KulthornKirby Honorary Chairman visited #Bristol Virginia plant the other day. He was briefed on the relocation process by Chief Product Officer, Mr Robbie Eades and met with #KulthornBristolTeam.
15 Feb 2019
This relocation project was a joint task between #Kulthorn and #Bristol Team.
21 Jan 2019
The AHR Expo 2019 ended with positive feedbacks from Bristol and Kulthorn customers, suppliers and people in the industries all around the globe.
12 Dec 2018
Khun Sutee Simakulthorn, President, Kulthorn Kirby Company Limited, with his team were in Bristol, Virginia to supervise the relocation of production facilities
22 Oct 2018
We are here at Chillventa show because it is a golden opportunity to meet customers and friends from all over the world.

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